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Tuesday 10 Jan 2012

RTKL residential project offers downtown Mumbai and Arabian Sea views

Located in the northern end of Mumbai, India, deep within the residential enclave of Vile Parle, modern materials and indigenous textures are selectively applied to create a highly dynamic solution to a complex, 31,000-sq-m urban site.

Conventional midrise massing is reimagined through the combined use of spatial reorganisation and floor plan rotation within the building form. Texturally, this yields a more nuanced volumetric façade, also providing substantial benefits functionally. Solar control, landscape relief and building cooling are all integrated into the overall massing. 

The resulting deeply recessed terraces and additional horizontal shading elements provide protection from direct sunlight for interior living spaces while also allowing the natural site landscape to be incorporated vertically into the buildings' facades.

Tactile façade treatments complement the variety of light patterns created by the activity of users within. South-facing masonry 'screen' walls permit a higher percentage of light toward outer edges, while graduating to solid surfaces at interior core functions.

Sited within ordered, landscaped grounds, the 132 individual 3 and 4-bedroom condominiums offer dramatic views of both downtown Mumbai and the Arabian Sea. The abundant use of water and native vegetation provides evaporative cooling and drainage for much of the site.

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RTKL Vile Parle Mumbai

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