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Monday 09 Jan 2012

GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. completes residential tower conceived as a 'life museum'

The co-existence of art, nature and human creates the affluent life at the permanent residence like a 'modern museum' which stimulates the resident’s inspiration pleasantly and furnishes the wealth to their mind.

The grand entrance with its 9-metre-high ceiling welcomes guests with an open atmosphere. The paint created by Daisuke Nakayama adds freshness to the stateliness of the space, assisted by the moiré effect produced by the lighting from the specially-made chandelier and the mesh panels. Thus, guests can feel relaxed but energised here. After the magnificent stairs, they will find the concierge desk. The gate is surrounded by warm light from the chandeliers on both sides, bringing them to the secure private area.

In front of the concierge desk, the garden lounge expands and features modern furniture in various styles and colours, accompanied by Ingo Maurer’s pendant lightings and artworks by Daisuke Nakayama. Going up to the 33rd floor by elevator, a photo of Roland Kirishima on folded screens appears in ambient light from the chandelier covered by mesh. Walking ahead, guests find the all-day lounge designed around the concept of library. Its entrance is surrounded by wall art in granite stone, on which a book shelf image is engraved.

The all-day lounge is an impressive space filled with with various artworks, such as the sky image by Daisuke Nakayama on the coved ceiling, as well as a large round book shelf with antique books. Gold mirrors in wooden frames adorn both sides of the 8-metre-long bar counter, along with standing chandeliers on a large table - a space for residents and visitors to enjoy drinking, talking and reading - with beautiful views of Tokyo spreading below them, giving the lounge at the top of the tower a  timeless feel

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