Boutique chic

09 Jan 2012

BEAD Architects & Engineers designs new residental development in Abu Dhabi

Three essential threads run through this design: an extraordinary plot in an environmentally sensitive area, high-end facilities for the users, as well as an innovative design. The goal of the design was to surpass even the high expectations of the developer and the end users, with each apartment to be considered as a scarcity amongst treasures. As a 'boutique building' the design reflects a prestigious lifestyle from its broad concept to the meticulously considered details.

The design of the facade features slightly inclined and curved columns, cylindrical in section, which not only provide structural support but also resemble reeds – a kind of reminder of the proximity of the mangroves and marine habitat nearby. The building is highly glazed to enable users to enjoy the superb open views, even when using the spar pools abutting the glazing system. A double skin of glazing is used to resist excessive heat gain, playing its part in raising the sustainability of the building. The same effect is provided by the green roof, provided as a leisure garden for the users.

Comfort and delight for the users extends to the use of smart built-in interactive systems and numerous superb facilities. In this way the building is intended to arouse visual interest from afar but also presents delightful details as one gets closer and then indeed goes inside.

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