Triple-A for Shanghai

Monday 09 Jan 2012

Leigh & Orange Limited receives outstanding rating for new residential development

Jointly developed by the Yangpu Government and Shui On Land, the project is a mixed-use development with office, residential and work-live units. Its ingredients are designed to promote a lively urban quarter where people can live, work and enjoy life in the district. Consists of 6 low-rise of work-live and a 50-metre-height office tower, the project was a pioneer of using the system of precast facade panel with a shoebox stacking approach in Shanghai city.

It was one of the best projects to show that how successful the precast facade panel would be implemented on the mix-use project in Shanghai. The project also explored the precast facade design in aesthetic terms. More architectural precast elements in construction such as for exterior cladding, projected features or decorative paneling were applied to this project. 20 precast panels were allotted to the whole of 7 blocks in the project. Different panel types were designed under the same module size.

The variation in the overall facade pattern created a rich and dynamic composition that broke the perception of being repetitive for conventional precast project. Sustainability is the prominent elements on the project. The prefabrication fulfills all requirements, such as fire resistant material; reduced energy consumption through the ability to store heat in the concrete sandwich mass; environmentally friendly way of building with optimum use of materials, recycling of waste products, less material wastage because of few defective products.

The project was finally awarded AAA rating of local residential codes in Shanghai (an outstanding grade of the residential building performance on issues relating to environment, durability, safety and applicability).

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