Three of a kind

Thursday 05 Jan 2012

K2LD Architects desgin large home for three families

The three houses are located amidst a quiet suburban in tropical Singapore, occupied by three sisters and their families. Although designed as one, all three houses have unique characteristics with materiality as the common language.

The arrangement of the houses revolves around a central inner garden, which demonstrates the clients' wishes to create a communal space for the whole extended family to gather and play. Despite the fact that the boundaries are physically demarcated by low dog fences; sharing views and usage of the greenery, fish ponds and swimming pool is a daily event for the three families.

Due to the planning arrangement, not all houses are blessed with the optimum North-South facing. The addition of timber screens at the east-west facades becomes more than just a privacy gesture, but also as shading devices.

The upper volumes house the main bedrooms, set back from the screens. Pivoting mechanisms are also integrated into each screen panel to allow the inhabitants to control privacy and shading intensity required throughout the changing weather. The timber screens act as a protective second skin wrapped around the upper volumes, creating a common architectural language that ties the individual houses as one.

The lightness of the timber screens are contrasted by the use of granite stone feature walls, which runs from the external into the internal living space, bringing materiality of the outdoors into the interior. Handmade panels of plant fibres are being transformed into artworks, internal screens and ceiling panels, bringing textures of nature into the houses as well.

Within the suburban setting, the houses are design to best allow the inhabitants to ignore the hustle and bustle of the urban traffic outside of their gates by creating an integration of the built architecture and soft landscape that embraces the harmony of the three families.

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