New heights for Ramat Gan

Wednesday 04 Jan 2012

Kika Braz Architects completes new residential development in Israel

Gindi Heights comprises two residential buildings, each consisting of 30 floors, in the Tel Binyamin neighbourhood of Ramat Gan. The buildings stand perpendicular to one another and create a defined entrance space, with a mutual lobby on the ground floor. The perpendicular positioning of the adjacent corners of the building exposes the entire frontal view and brings forth a dialogue between the two types of frontal views; the actual front of the building and its side.

The architectural components of the single building accentuate the element of conjoining and contrasting between consisted and transparent mass, between volume and plateau and between the vertical and horizontal. Two vertical, stone covered masses that wrap the building throughout its height, are exposed the top and present the plain upon which the glass cubes are set. Along the length of two floors, the cornered glass cubes occupy the public space of the apartments so that the accommodation rooms are exposed to two opposing directions via screen walls throughout the height of the floor.

The balconies accompany the length of the room and create a sense of the outside penetrating inside and visa versa. The glass cubes change direction on every two floors, thereby fashioning wide corner balconies. The lines of the balconies design horizontal plains that segment the building along its height and continue as horizontal lines encompassing the building. The confrontation between the mass which visually aspires in an upward direction and the horizontal plains creates the contrast between horizontal and vertical.

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