A space bringing together art and culture expressing the essence of contemporary Kyoto.

Consisting of 61 hotel rooms and 50 apartments, HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO has been planned, designed, directed and operated by Urban Design System Co.,Ltd.(UDS)

“A space bringing together art and culture expressing the essence of contemporary Kyoto” as a concept, HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO offers a place for communication and new ways of lifestyles for visitors, residents and locals of Kyoto.

It all began with a consultation when the client was looking for a solution to utilize increasing number of vacant rooms in a student dormitory. In order to exploit the building for new purposes, UDS suggested to renovate one third of the dormitory, assembling all the facilities of dormitory in it to create an independent unit, and then converted rest two third into a hotel and an apartment. UDS also planned HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO as a space where local cultures like art, music and design can naturally gather and mingle, then outputted to compensate a drawback of the hotel location which is out of main sightseeing area.

The communal spaces in the hotel such as gallery, lounge, library and restaurant contain essence of “everyday life” of apartment and “extraordinary experience” of hotel, allowing the guests to feel the ever-changing flow of the city, the local life and the culture of the moment. HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO offers an opportunity to form new community and create new type of ongoing culture of an added-value.

The goal of HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO’s design is to make full use of the existing building and to remake existing fixtures. Most of the furniture is made out of reused materials, all these materials of the building and furniture such as concretes, metals, glass and stones give a great presence in the design.

The simple and specious space complements with the art pieces and stimulates one’s artistic sensitivity. By creating nostalgic atmosphere, HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO allows people to sense security and intimacy as well.

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