Interior Refurbishment of a terraced house in London

The client purchased this mid terraced house due to its proximity to Hampstead Heath; the brief was to create a calm space resembling the landscape of her Norwegian upbringing defined by snowy planes and birch trees.

Simplicity in finishes and detail, bringing as much light into the space and making the most of the unusual interior layout of half levels and a feature connecting staircase was pivotal. The building is part of the West Hill Park private estate designed by Ted Levy, Benjamin and Partners and an example of low level high density brick and concrete housing sculptured to falling terrain and well kept landscape.

Every house is screened through walls and planting creating private spaces within a larger community. The form of the terrace and immediate landscaping has served its building type very well and additions to the envelope were not required. Therefore the works focused entirely on a re-organising of the internal layout and refurbishment of the interior space and functions, allowing for the integration of current conveniences and technologies. The upper three half levels form three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the lower three levels are entertaining space, housing kitchen, living and dining uses.

The lower three levels are space planned open plan giving the property the feel of a large Norwegian country house. We used only one material for each differing surface: Naturally treated Norwegian Pine for the floor, Matt painted re-plastered surrounding walls and concrete ceilings Internal separators in gloss lacquer MDF or glass. All junctions express the change of materials through a shadow gap.

The design of a new staircase linking the 6 half levels of the building and forming the centre of the house is the synopsis of these materials and their junctions and a follow through of clarity and simplicity.

Key Facts

United Kingdom
Interior Residential

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