Small  wooden house near Moscow with traditional but modern and sleek design

The small modern wooden house is located not far from Moscow.

Client brief included interior decoration applied both to “dacha” (summer cottage) of the Old Russian aristocracy as well "dacha" of Russian grandmothers, where many Soviet children often spent their time, however modern and sleek in style.

The high doorways, Carrara marble fireplace, the symmetry of the furnishing, the abundance of glass and crystal chandelier, add solemnity to the interior. Traditional country quality of furniture, all natural fabrics and subtlety of colors add coziness and warmth. Extremely high ceiling in the living room is emphasized by an oversized shade and a high Rizol fireplace.

A huge window provides a permanent view to the garden, allowing you to change the sense of the interior, depending on the season. Modern forms of upholstered furniture are complemented with inserts of antique pieces. The floors are made of the painted boards and the Mettlach tiles, all textiles in the house are made of the Russian linen and soft wool.

Key Facts

Interior Residential

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