Downtown apartment in modern residential complex with logical composition and minimalist form  without common coldness.

Downtown Moscow apartment in a modern residential complex is designed by one of the leading Russian architects. Architectural critics call his architecture “neo –modernistic” influenced by Russian constructivism. This home is no exception: logical composition, minimalistic forms, crisp white facades, strict rhythm of the panoramic windows – all elements are from the vocabulary of modern architecture.

The customer has identified the task quite briefly: interior decoration should be in harmony with the architecture incorporated into comfortable, efficiently organized space. Initially the apartment is supposed to be an open concept one, but the designer follows the architecture – plans are sharp and logical: a clear division into private and public areas; all rooms have the exact shapes. In this case the designer has managed to use the technique which is rarely used in modern urban apartments – circular path, through which all the rooms while maintaining isolation are included in one harmonious composition. This technique brings an impression of intensity to a real space of the apartment which appears more dramatic.

Another spectacular design solution - is the enfilade, built on the axis: the entrance area - dining room window, formed by four doorways - emphasizes harmony of composition, sets the rhythm, yet, it creates an utterly unique visual effect. . Light from the panoramic window in the dining room sufficiently illuminates the kitchen muting up to the hallway. In such a delicate lighting the surface would stop reflecting and seem literally velvet, colors lose their certainty – you achieve peace and gravity at once. Simple, plain forms of furniture, moderation of accessories, color solutions in the range from graphite-gray, smoky to almost white, diligently selected objects of contemporary art – here are restraint, sense of proportion and balance in everything.

All materials used in the apartment, are exclusively natural: black slate in the entrance area, kitchen and dining room and, oak floors in all other rooms, Carrara marble in the bathrooms, oak furniture, upholstery made of soft wool or linen, window curtains of the living and dining rooms, as well as in the bedroom are made of exquisite black cashmere, in children rooms made of linen.

Minimalism without the common coldness, yet with the character and intellectual content, is main characteristic of this style.

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