Recycling of a past structure: transformation and addition

Before Vora Arquitectura's intervention, this apartment was defined by an overlapping of different stages. Varied uses through time had created an accumulation of elements and layers. The result was a strange and undefined atmosphere. The atmosphere of memory. However, the original defining characteristics could also be appreciated: spatial structure based on a chain of spaces, regular rhythm of bearing walls, mosaic pavement with a hierarchic distinction of uses…  

The architect believes that an architectural intervention over past structures has to take advantage of what it is found. Recycling through an active transformation, and keeping traces of memory. It also happens in the urban fabric, where different historical periods have been combined and contaminated each other. The city is a complex and ambiguous whole that touches us.

Although in this case the existing had no special patrimonial or historic value, it was perfectly usable and attractive. This reality led the designer to a ”reuse and transformation” strategy, with undefined limits. To this strategy they added new concentrated, singular and functional elements.

Reuse and transformation:

- Removal of existing accessories from walls and ceilings, added along the different rebuilding processes in order to discover the essential defining elements of the space.

- Not “hygienic” and strategic cleaning of the partition walls, keeping traces, scars, and painting layers....

- Consolidation (structural reinforcement, cracks stapling) and critical replacement.

- Reading on the pavement the original small rooms distribution of the apartment.

- Chromatic homogenization and optimization of natural light.


- Self-enclosed modules (boxes) containing services and storage.

- Substructure apparent wood studs to the outside (such as packaging, it is important to the inside).

- The facilities are strategically concentrated in the interstices between "boxes" and placeholder to avoid races in the pre-existence.

- Finished in white boxes with veladura combining up chromatically to the placeholder.

Key Facts

Interior Residential

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