by Rachel 29 December 2011
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    Like a swirl of multi-flavored ice cream, the Sweet Chill concept is one continuous gesture throughout the space, with flowing ribbons of color from the floor to wall to ceiling, with comfort and excitement the intended experience.

    Colorful chairs and tables perfectly align and compliment these ribbons creating a curvy and sensuous space that becomes a naturally distinctive extension from its surroundings. Visitors are ensconced in waves of light pink and drawn to the focal point of the space, the back wall, perfectly aligned with the staircase and skylight. A continuous clear glass case displaying gelato and grounds the opening and a digital menu board spans the back wall.

    Scrolling LED text behind a one way mirror float along communicating details about the products being sold. Stands for condiments and trash flank the sides of the main counter. Large chrome columns reflect the surroundings and add to the experience of a completely soft and human environment – where every location offers a unique view of the ever undulating space.

    There are 3 main elements to the interior, the tile floor, partially made from recycled materials, the vinyl which has a low VOC adhesive and the metal clad columns which are infinitely recyclable. For the interior we had a special vinyl color created and applied to the wall and the ceiling in one fluid, rippling motion Until this point in time, having a wall and ceiling like this was either too cumbersome or too expensive. Also, it was impossible to have a bright glossy finish like what we have achieved. This is what makes the space not only so interesting, but also as contemporary as possible.

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