Prizeotel exemplifies ‘Design-ocracy’, that is, the necessity of the client reflects the necessity of the hotel guest: high design affordable to all.

The budget hotel’s rooms are priced at only 59 Euro a night. The design maximizes choices and use of high performance materials and furnishings to have the greatest impact for the least amount of investment.

The lobby area encompasses a bar, internet station, buffet and outdoor terrace. Upstairs, tactile wallpaper coats the hallway. Custom carpets along the corridors display room numbers. Rooms were designed with a budget of 3200 Euro per room for furniture, finishes and equipment. Prizeotel provides all the needs and details of a high end boutique hotel while creating a unique experience for travelers. Amenities such as an iPod player/lamp, flat screen TV, make the room worth far more than its 59 Euro price tag.

Karim Rashid implemented similar principles using his own personal environments in the development of Prizehotel. Create large white spaces with accents of strong positive colors. Knock down walls that are not structural and open up spaces as much as possible. Have less but better furniture. Substitute 2 or 3 pieces with one. We used warm, soft yet high performance materials that are easy to clean and age well.

The budget constrains were challenging; however we were able to find solutions and suppliers that provided high design for little cost. For example, one solution was to provide a closet in the bedrooms where guests are staying over two nights. In the remaining half, there is a bench and a small hanging space, providing considerable savings. The average hotel stay is 1.2 days, therefore guests travel light. Prizeotel was also engineered for maximum use of energy, using recycled content for the carpets and tiles.

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