A temporary office furnishment with Euro-pallets as an open autonomous landscape.

A temporary furnishment for the new office location combined with the explicit wish to furnish the space with an authentic, recycable material, gave creative director Marvin Pupping and MOST Architecture the idea to use Euro-pallets for this particular design.

The pallet structure; an open, autonomous landscape that gradually changes its character, facilitates all parts of the office. With its open character and 'catwalk' aisle down the middle, the pallet landscape facilitates interaction and movement in an unusual space, drawing visitors directly into an engagement with the workings of the company itself.

Additionally, the offset pallet structure encourages flexible and alternative uses, such as sitting on its jutting edges, and creates an informal atmosphere among those who inhabit it daily. The existing building on the Brouwersgracht, downtown Amsterdam, is an archetypical Dutch canalhouse; a narrow, 27 meters deep space, with a back area that is divided by split level. Because of this, the concept for this dynamic company was organised along the longitudinal axis.

The design concept, an open autonomous landscape, consists of 3 layers. The first layer, the existing space was used as a starting position and painted completely white, to provide a homogeneous base for the pallet structure.

The pallets itself create a structure that slowly changes its character accommodating all parts of the office. Finally, the third layer in the design contains additions to the pallet structure like light fixtures, staircase banisters and the furniture; which are all done in black. The structure is not dictating, rather facilitating.

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