by Rachel 23 December 2011
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    Italian Design with brazilian informality: Office showroom with refined and current profile, enabling the creation of new products and business.

    With just under 400 square meters, the rectangular plan was divided in half, reserving space for various offices and the showroom for the customers unified by Cumaru wood floors which also serve as a catwalk for fashion shows.

    Instead of a traditional reception and balcony, the room is used to host meetings, integrating the sales area and the administartive areas. The large table complemented by wooden benches allows staff to show off pieces of fabric and printed designs from the latest collections. Furniture finishes and neutral tones are the backdrop for the exposed fabrics and the all white lacquer furniture was also designed by the architects.

    A screen is pierced with thin steel cables supporting the rings and the partition of exposed concrete resembles the design of stacked blocks giving the visitor a clear perception that there is another room behind it. There are further offices for the Board and two meeting rooms that have been integrated into the large frame facade with care with modular ceilings and walls of glass with shutters.


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