by Rachel 22 December 2011
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    OGIER House represents a new level of workplace environment in that market place

    OGIER offices in St Helier represent the culmination of a five year strategy for the business. Following careful consideration by the Partnership, a vision of the future was created that would provide an office capable of combining the dislocated parts of the business, while creating a working environment that embodies their company philosophy; excellence.

    At 100,00ft OGIER House is the largest single commercial office building in the Channel Islands. The site, along the Esplanade, is based on the footprint of an old Jersey Royal potato warehouse. Consequently, it is long, at 85m, and thin, with windows and views predominately to the front and rear only. To create a quality workplace, three large 9x9m atria were added, which dominate the space. They ensure all five levels of the building are bathed in natural light, while creating good visual connectivity. The floor arrangements are based around these atria. Each has its own character and function.

    The first of these features a dramatic and sculptural helical stair. The second features a large ‘down -time’ area for staff, while the third and final atria has an integrated library for peaceful, day lit study. Further break out zones adjoin the central atria on each level creating a social focus for every floor. Bold colour is used extensively to echo the occupiers branding to give interest as well as drama. There is a dedicated top floor café with large terracing and breathtaking sea views, while to ensure the environment felt softer than most commercial work space, quality furniture, varying shades of textural of curtains and artwork was used throughout.

    Altogether creates an unusual, fresh and youthful feeling for a legal company. OGIER House is the first to embrace British Council of Offices and BREEAM principles in the Channel Islands and represents a new level of workplace environment in that market place.

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