Stairway to Workplace: A dramatic four flight stair creates connections across the tennancy.

The new AECOM Sydney workplace is the latest addition to the company’s evolving national office model and is the outcome of BVN and AECOM’s long standing and mutually beneficial working relationship. 

The 11,500sqm project occupies 9 floors in two discontinuous stacks in 420 George Street, Sydney and accommodates 850 people previously dispersed across four different locations. Developing the business imperative of ‘one AECOM’, the design opened a series of voids and interconnecting stairs through one stack and inserted a dramatic four flight stair, that is possibly the longest single span stair in the world, to create connections across the tenancy.

There is a communal rather than territorial approach to the arrangement of spaces ensuring that for every business function there is an appropriate environment to support it, this results in different types of meeting facilities. There are a number of informal meeting spaces located along the perimeter on raised timber floors as well as more formal enclosed meeting rooms for larger meetings or where privacy is required. Approximately twenty per cent of useable area on each level is informal space, providing a mix of different furniture configurations from tables and chairs to more relaxed armchairs. The meeting spaces, social gathering spaces and open plan work environments provide opportunities and choices for new ways to work, interact and communicate.

Transforming their existing work culture, the client has recognised an increase in collaborative activity and productivity.

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