by Rachel 21 December 2011
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    As one of the most important avenues in Mexico city, a spectacular oasis sits inside the urban landscape.

    In Mexico City’s Paseo de la Reforma the Magenta Reforma questions how the user accesses one space to another and the presence it has combining all the experiences and thrills Paseo de la Reforma has to offer. Including serenity and privacy of the common areas alongiwth a highly sophsicated atmosphere.

    The grand motor lobby helps keep the traffic noise far from the residents by simply dividing the space with a green wall leading to the office and residential lobbies, also boxed in glass structures and separated by a grand tubular sculpture.

    The combination of walnut, porcelain, colours, reflections and other materials all add to the ambience of the space. Magenta’s gym and pool facilities also share the same feeling, thanks to a Jan Hendrix wall mural and the fact that it is located 7.50 meters above the street and Paseo de la Reforma’s daily life, creating an intimate and private location but still blending in with the passers by and urban landscape.

    The Façade is accentuated in its silhouette, with silkscreened glass capturing the many types of flora one can encounter in Mexico City’s valley, giving the spectator the chance to appreciate its transparency by day, and feast on its luminosity by night.


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