New standards for wooden architecture

21 Dec 2011

AART architects design the largest and most sustainable wooden building complex in Northern Europe

The vision behind Norwegian Wood is to create the largest and most sustainable wooden building complex in Northern Europe with a view to positioning Norway internationally and Stavanger as a pioneer city in the field of modern wooden architecture. Focusing on innovative wooden architecture, low energy consumption and environmental materials Norwegian Wood is thus designed as a landmark project with a view to inspiring architects and developers around the world.

Norwegian Wood is located at the urban seafront and encapsulates the essence of the city by developing the wooden architectural tradition and interpreting the Norwegian landscape. The shape of the building complex is thus based on a precise analysis of the site, as the architecture blurs the boundary between the urban space and the dramatic Norwegian landscape by appearing as a mountain range of wood on the edge between the city and the sea. The varying alleyways, the public squares and the interaction between residential and business units create a vibrant atmosphere, ensuring the area becomes a walkthrough with varying experiences.

The vibrant atmosphere is enhanced by the persistent irregularity of lines and volumes that envelopes Norwegian Wood in a distinctive and dramatic atmosphere reminiscent of the Norwegian landscape. The dramatic play of lines and volumes creates a distinct architectural identity, reinforcing the identity of the local community. The daring angular volumes are moulded in regard to the climate (the wind and the sun) for the purpose of fulfilling the passive house standard and creating a dynamic play of light and shadow during the day. In this way the building complex systematically uses the energy from the sun to reduce the demand for energy, while the slanting roof surfaces create optimal lighting conditions by bringing sunlight into the alleyways, the public squares and the residential and business units.

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