The brief was to create a chic and sophisticated Indian fine dining restaurant and bar. The layout was our biggest challenge as the restaurant, Kainoosh, shares a common kitchen with the bar, Keya.

Kainoosh was developed as an amalgam of spaces-the linear entry corridor, the circular restaurant and the rectangular PDR. The design ideology takes inspiration from the spirit of craft and sophistication of classical Indian spaces. The jaalis, furniture and lamps are all set in the décor as contemporary interpretations.

The 4' wide entrance tunnel is clad with mirror along the length of it and is created with half an arch structure, which reflects itself in the mirror making the tunnel, appear wider than it is. The use of half chandeliers to light the passage further adds to the illusion.

The backdrop to the space is a CNC cut cement board jaali, inspired from the jaalis of Taj Mahal, which allows daylight to filter in through the day and makes the restaurant glow like a lantern in the evenings. The monolithic backdrop of the restaurant is complemented by Tom Dixon pendant lamps and a vibrant screen installation created by leading Indian fashion designer, Rajesh Pratap Singh.

Keya was designed as the bar and lounge space adjoining Kainoosh. The space is intended to act as a pre-dinner social experience for guests, thus it was designed keeping the bar as the focal point. All the tables and the bar counter are inlit corian surfaces, which act as the primary source of light in the space. The ceiling, made of multiple bronze mirror strips, is a simple insert in the space that conceals all the services above it and reflects the space below.

The name, Keya, meaning flower, was the inspiration behind the graphic treatment of the space. A combination of cement board and bronze mirror in floral tessellations wraps around the space creating playful variations on lighting and sustaining a sense of quite illumination.

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