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16 Dec 2011

Conversion of 1920s building rediscovers its original vernacular with a sleek modern finish

The project 'Villa Rotterdam' is the conversion of a villa located in a green suburb of Rotterdam, using a specific formal and structural strategy to accommodate new programmes within a very limited footprint extension.

The villa was composed of an original building from the 1920s with a set of extensions growing between 1992 and 2005; the year that the current owners moved in.

Ooze architects translated the owners' desire to recycle the 'soul' of the house and to open the house towards the natural elements, the canal, the forest and the garden around it by proposing a new typology: an envelope generated by the local regulations combined with intuitive rationalism, which would wrap up the new programme under one 'hat'.

Folds and facets within the maximum allowed envelope connect the new spaces to the existing ones. Beyond style or architectural aesthetic, the generated form engages a rediscovery of the vernacular exploring a new language which reinterprets the old.

The envelope (façade and roof) is built with solid wood construction structural panels and is clad with back stained sustainable wood planks, frameless glass panels and a grass/sedum green roof. The inner face of the solid wood panels has been whitewashed to give a softer and lighter feel to the internal finishes.

Architect: OOZE architects (Eva Pfannes & Sylvain Hartenberg) -

Assistants : Rene Sangers, Interns: Eloka Som, Maartje Franse

Building Consultant: BOUWHAVEN Consultants (Ruud Ghering, Corstiaan Verschoor, Jasper Martens)

Engineer : Pieters Bouwtechniek ( Jaap Dijks)

Main contractor: DB Bouw BV

CAD 3d construction- drawings: Bouwbreed BV

Services: Interdaad installbouw

Inbuilt furniture: Binnenruimte

Styling: Dutch Style Company (Monique van der Reijden)

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