SMK competition winners announced

14 Dec 2011

Dutch and Danish teams to transform Museum Garden in Copenhagen, reconnecting it with neighbouring park

POLYFORM | KARRES EN BRANDS wins the international competition for redesigning the Museum Garden of the Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) in Copenhagen, with their entry ‘SMK tilbage i Parken’ (‘SMK back in the park’). The project will be realised in collaboration with Svava Riesto, Oluf Jørgensen Ingeniører and Via Trafik.

The design is based on the concept of connecting the museum garden with the neighbouring park Østre Anlæg which, in the current situation, it turns its back on. By doing so, the SMK will be embedded into the park and the Museum Garden becomes the new entrance area for both the SMK and Østre Anlæg.

The 7,500 sq m design is simple and flexible, yet full of character. It invites visitors, artists and passers-by to multiple uses. The heart of the design is a ‘socle’: a unique water feature that can be used as a flexible stage for the museum, city life and many other activities. The Museum Garden will have an explicit green character thanks to the spacious lawns and vast planting of indigenous tree species. By the arrangement of spatial elements the garden becomes an intermediary between collection, museum, park and city.

In the Museum Garden, the city life intertwines with art. Installations, events and a view of the many towers of Copenhagen accompany the Statens Museum for Kunst into a new era. Work onsite it due to complete in 2013 with a budget of €2.7m.

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