PTW gets creative in Wuhan

Work begins on Australian architects' vivid creative industries campus in China

by Sian 14 December 2011 Sustainable Buildings
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    The architects behind the Beijing Watercube have just released a colourful new concept for a creative industries campus in Wuhan entitled China Central Intelligence Valley (CCIV). Signing of contracts for the project was witnessed by the Australian Federal Trade Minister and their Chinese counterparts, recognising the scheme as ‘an innovative Australian landmark green building project in China’.

    Immediately apparent is the brave use of colour in this 450,000 sq m campus, with PTW introducing a remarkable 1,280 unique colours based on a 48x25 colour pixel map. This decision was made to reflect the range of tones in digital colour systems used by the creative industries that will find their home at the campus.

    Sustainable elements also play a key role in this design, with the architects aiming for a China two star green building rating (the China three star rating system has replaced the previously adopted United States Green Building Council’s LEED system in China). To do so a number of eco-alternatives such as a geothermal energy system and onsite renewable energy system have been introduced, with green roofs employed extensively across the complex.

    PTW details: “The design is based on the ‘reuse of existing factory space for creative uses’ metaphor: with the difference that in this case the ‘factory space’ is newly created!’ To inspire a buzzing ecosystem of creative energy the architects have inserted floating bridges to connect otherwise separate areas of the campus, allowing collaboration and social relationships to develop between creative industries. Construction is now underway.

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