Italian fashion label DIESEL has new headquarters located in the countryside of the Venice region at the feet of the Dolomites Mountains.

The beautiful surroundings inspired to create a Diesel planet in the middle of nature with a lot of green, space, daylight and maximum comfort to the people working there.

The Diesel planet has more or less everything to keep the employee busy the whole day. There is a bar, restaurant, foyer and a two floor gym with indoor squash, outdoor football- and tennis court. Furthermore, there is an auditorium with space for 600 people seated, museum, warehouse, 24h helicopter path, covered parking and a kindergarten. It occupies around 55.000 m2 and accommodates at the moment around 700 people.

The idea was to give the people who work there a feeling of being at home in a nice villa and not in a big company. Everywhere you find rustic wooden floors, windows from floor up to the ceiling and all offices have amazing views to green wine fields with mountains in the background. Contact to nature was important for the design and most materials are kept natural, if possible with patina from earlier use that gives a natural and original feeling to the interior with reference to the industrial past of denim and work wear.

A lot of the furniture was second hand, found at markets in the area or locally made and mixed in with new modern design classics. One of the main themes for the design of the offices and workshops were flexibility and mostly open plan offices are made to be able to ensure the company's future needs and development.

The building was designed with a high attention on sustainability in all details and has the highest category A of sustainability in Italy with special use of glass and insulation, solar cells, recycling of water and advanced energy saving electric generators, for successful living.

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