by Elena 13 December 2011
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    This new-build shell space was purchased in August 2011, and project orange have designed an urban sanctuary as their studio/office.

    The concept is a collage of some favourite fragments from recent projects driven by the desire to challenge the sterility of the standard office.

    Over the meeting table the light fitting was designed for Orange Cottage, while the smoked larch joinery owes much to their hotel work. At 15 metres long, the carpet runner was specially woven inspired by a cast concrete detail of an ecclesiastical building nestled in the historic urban fabric of Girona as photographed this Summer.

    The industrial concrete floor was installed along with underfloor heating, while the ceiling was left ʻas foundʼ. Thus the studio is an essay on how they
    work and see the world as a collection of objects, shapes and memories which are curated to form a hybrid space full of ambience, tactility and meaning.

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