Navarino Dunes, has recently completed a new wining, dining and entertainment destination at the resort. Called Inbi, this extraordinary space combines two separate buildings with an enclosed courtyard in between and a large patio overlooking the resort as it tumbles down the hillside looking towards the idyllic coastline and Ionian sea beyond.

The seamless flow of outdoor areas into indoor spaces, and onto the outside again is the hallmark of MKV's design throughout Navarino Dunes and is exemplified in Inbi with its collection of areas. The main approach is through an enclosed colonnade that leads onto the central open courtyard, framed by two distinct buildings: the main restaurant and the lounge bar.

The restaurant building has been partially sub-divided to provide two distinct dining experiences. The "inner sanctum" is the statement space with soaring volume rising to a timber-clad ceiling - a modern interpretation of ancient Greek temples and a connection with other monumental architectural forms located around the site. Oversized openings offer great views to the outside, while the open kitchen and sushi bar whet guests' appetites for the culinary experience to come. To the front, the restaurant is more informal with a human scale where upholstered seating gives way to rattan. Magnificent bronze fretwork adorns the walls in various geometric patterns that are ageless; contemporary chandeliers and wall lights suggest the twinkling candlelight and flambeaux associated with the banqueting halls of Greece through the ages.

Lighting has a very important role and, as dusk falls, the space is transformed with a great play of light upon textures that have been carefully assembled to respond to their illumination. The semi-transparent glass reception desk shimmers, the textured plaster walls that depict branches of trees and celebrate the natural setting of the resort are cast in varying shadows and the veining of the white Greek marble of the open kitchen counter and sushi bar glows.

The lounge bar has also been designed to provide several areas of experience. The theme is modern with Asian references and it is a simple rectangular box entirely clad in timber with a series of coffers filled with a forest of paper ribbons that undulate in the sea breezes. The centrally located bar is double-sided and designed in two sections on different levels, giving guests the opportunity to sit comfortably at dining height on the outdoor covered terrace or at the higher bar stool level along the main indoor bar counter.

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