Walking through the gate of this castle located close to Vevey feels like going back in time and entering somewhere straight out of a fairy tale.

The castle, built in 1760 in the purest style of the 18th century with its horse shoe shaped structure and "trompe-l'œil" facades, could not fail to fascinate Jorge Cañete, an interior designer celebrated for his signature style situated between memory and modernity and his liking for contrast.

In the east wing of the castle, which he has just finished decorating and where he now lives, Jorge Cañete determined that he would stay faithful to the spirit of the building, whilst at the same time slipping in a breath of modernity and a touch of poetry.

Furniture by Ph. Stark and works of contemporary art (Antoni Tapiès, Peter Wüthrich, Isa Barbier, Cesare Bedognè) are scattered as on a thread from room to room, and enter into harmonious dialogue with the Louis XV antique armchairs.

His poetic world vision also pervades the upper floors, where it finds form, here and there, in small details that surprise, like the white feathers half hidden between the floor tiles or the humble branches used to hold back the taffeta curtains. And, of course, the script he treasures so much is everywhere: Arabian calligraphy tattooing the skin of the walls, an ancient hanging scroll brought back from Kyoto, hand written letters flying away as if by magic. The same theme, shaped by the prism of different cultures, becomes a witty unifying force running through the different rooms. The result is both sensitive and sensual: the exterior and the interior seem to blend in their complicit.

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