Located in a colonial palace in the heart of Mexico City historic downtown.

The request of the client concurred with our desire to respect the history and architectonic richness of this antique residence. The intervention preserved the original facades and the main walls, and although we took advantage of the general distribution of the space, a new order with a contemporary look was proposed attributing a new identity and character to the building.

The architectural program is original and innovative since it offers a combination of boutique hotel and hostel within the same building. Both concepts are spatially separated working as two different elements but are connected by sharing the same language in terms of materials and design.

The Hotel and Hostel offer nice and satisfying options to stay, no matter the budget or preference of the client. The hostel is located in the back of the building and has its own entrance, courtyard and diner. The hotel is in the front and is divided into three levels.

The access floor welcomes the visitor into an interior patio of triple height, which represents an important colonial heritage. The ground floor has two other inner courtyards which separate the spaces and surround the corridors resembling an Hacienda.

The patios are the main distributors of space, allowing natural light and ventilation into the hotel and consequently decreasing the use of energy, artificial light and air conditioning. The guest rooms are located in the first and second level and are attractively designed in neutral tones, spiced up with retro lamps and custom designed furniture.

The protagonist material through the interiors is the traditional red brick. By taking advantage of the nobility of this material, we designed a lattice which is constant in the rooms, furniture and walls. The rooftop was equipped with a restaurant and pool, offering panoramic views of the city and crowning the project.

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