The Haikou Eadry Royal Garden Hotel, the only Chinese style 5-Star Hotel in the Hainan Province, is a refurbishment project consisting of a series of traditional buildings which were lovingly restored to their former opulent and magnificent glory.

The conceptual design for the project reinterpreted the essence of Chinese Royal Architecture while establishing a prime example for the artistic concept of a new Chinese Style. The elegance and sensitivity of the architecture and the interior transcends into tranquility and a deep stillness. The magnificence of the finished project creates fascination while comfort for the user is on offer in a natural and harmonious manner.

The timber structure of the public space, inspired by traditional Chinese architecture and the simplicity of classical structural design, acknowledging a sense of ancient history in a glamorous setting. The uniqueness of the sensitive design for each guestroom renders unequalled charm for each space and presents wonderful surprises at every turn. Guests can experience the tranquility and elegance, romance and richness in Suite of Peace, and nobleness and grandeur, stability and dignity in Suite of Harmony. All the Guestrooms respect the dialogue and exchange between man and nature and strengthening the nobleness and elegance in oriental culture by stating: distance oneself from noisiness.

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