05 Dec 2011

The concept of the Canal House was to build a luxury boutique hotel, which offers all the services you expect from a five star plus hotel combined with the welcoming and warm feeling you get from a home.

The aim was to create a true home away from home, in a house, which you could use almost as if it were your own. Next to the individual rooms the guests have the opportunity to stay in the living room, the parlour room with house bar, the garden and even in the kitchen according to their needs and mood.

The hotel is situated in an old Canal House in the centre of Amsterdam, in which most of the old ornaments, floor finishes and chimneys still exist. In order to underline the concept and therefore to keep the character of an old Canal House in a contemporary way, all ornaments were kept but painted black. This made it possible to keep all the opulence of the old times but create a contemporary environment.

This abstraction of the ornament is also visible in the rooms. The old water jar and bowl have been reinvented. Bathroom and bedroom merge into one united experience by placing the bathtub and the double vanity in the bedroom. ‘Bedzone' and ‘bathzone' are only separated by a full height mirror. The toilet cubicle is located in the backwall of the room and is accessible from the ‘bathzone' to guarantee privacy.

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