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02 Dec 2011

Design coalition set new standards for energy efficient illumination of streetscapes

An experienced design team has succeeded in illuminating the Fulton Mall Streetscape in New York City through a sustainable system of streetlights in a scheme that has been so successful it has led to the development of a new streetlight option in the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) Street Design Manual.

The New York City Economic Development Corporation, AECOM, NYC DOT, and HLB Lighting Design have been working together on this enlightening vision to bring a fresh face to the urban realm and ‘beautify the area as well as maximise community interaction and the use of public spaces’.

One of the main challenges faced by the design team was to shed light on both the pedestrian pavements and street thoroughfare through a single entity. The solution was an energy-efficient luminaire comprised of one pole with two heads, which reduces the amount of fixtures within the Fulton Mall Streetscape and produces a cleaner street profile.

The pedestrian side of the fixture also illuminates the facades of the adjacent buildings that frame the street, adding vertical light to the retail corridor. Each pole is equipped with banner capabilities to create uniform signage for the streetscape as well a green coloured LED marker light at the top, providing a sense of rhythm as visitors look down the retail corridor.

Lee Brandt, HLB Associate Principal explains: “The challenge of working with so many city offices resulted in something the EDC, DOT, the Arts Commission and the Mayor’s office all recognise and are proud of. They were open to the recommendation for a pole that was not part of the DOT standards because the design team was able to show the value that such a light fixture would bring the street and the retail.”

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