by Elena 30 November 2011
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    Hogarth architects were set up in 2003 following 21 years practice as Littman Goddard Hogarth.

    The practice's approach to all projects, large or small, is one of care, attention to detail and enthusiasm for innovation. Their design process is one of constant refinement and re-interpretation - they have no standard solutions. Each project attempts to produce a unique result for clients whilst furthering their knowledge and experience.

    Hogarth Architects are very conscious of the need to conserve energy and resources in construction and make every effort to incorporate this into their work. Experience has shown them that good design pays dividends. Most of their projects have been sold or let at a premium compared to identical floorspace treated more conservatively. The benefits are not solely financial; a well-designed environment is a life enhancing experience.

    An example of this is the radical transformation of a first floor flat in a listed building, the Kensington Bachelor Pad. The existing space was divided into three rooms with a false ceiling while the new design aimed to restore the space back to its original proportions, which would have been as one room. The new structure was designed as a large piece multi-functional piece of furniture to provide all the functions (including a structural glass shower tray) required by a man about town.

    Hogarth Architects were amongst the winners of this year's Daily Telegraph British Homes Awards 2011 for this unique design.

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