BDP reveals Izmir Masterplan

30 Nov 2011

Historic city to gain new civic centre

The Turkish city of Izmir is a large metropolis on the country’s western side, and with over 3 million inhabitants of its metropolitan area, Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey. Global design studio BDP has just released new images of an energising new civic entertainment centre for the city, with a masterplan stretching to 175,000 sq m.

Working with local architects EPIG, the design team at BDP has created a masterplan and concept design for the Vaha Project, incorporating retail, leisure, education, social, and religious volumes into early plans for the city. These elements are arranged as a ‘series of island destinations linked by active bridges and attractive landscaped routes’, making good use of Izmir’s enrapturing Mediterranean landscape.

Also on the cards is a fun park on which BDP and EPIG will be collaborating with Utopia Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based leisure consultancy whose portfolio includes work for Nestle, Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment, Dreamworks, and Universal Studios.

Izmir is home to Turkey’s prime export port and has amassed a rich heritage through 3,500 years of recorded urban settlement. Steeped in history this city holds a significant position within the country’s continued development and any new addition to the urban settlement must be particularly sensitive to the existing legacy held by the people of Izmir.

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