Take to the waves

29 Nov 2011

Alliance Arkitekter and MAPT select Kebony as wood substitute for conical restaurant

This flowing Kebony-clad restaurant is the work of collaborating practices Alliance Arkitekter and MAPT (the latter now functions as two individual design studios) on the edge of the Oslo fjord, Norway. Taking pride of place on the water’s edge in the historic marina port of Aker Brygge, the high-end outlet takes its name from the Spanish term for wave, ‘Onda’.

Sustainability has taken a key role in the design and development of this project, with pioneering technologies such as cooled waste grinders implemented throughout the facility. A domineering feature in the sustainable design approach is the architects’ choice of materials, selecting Kebony’s environmentally-friendly, non-toxic alternative to traditional wood products for the external sweeping facades.

This single material choice has had a dramatic effect on the building’s sustainability levels, inserting a textile that is cleverly-suited to the chilly Norwegian climes. Kebony is durable, resistant to decay, easy to maintain, very cost effective, and in this case contrasts beautifully with the Onda restaurant’s sheer glass panels and galvanised steel gratings.

The basic form of the restaurant is split into four conical volumes which undulate down the Tingvalla Pier to the water’s edge. Each swell of the building is capped at a different slope and angle ‘to form an organic-looking exterior wave’ and collectively these peaks provide a physical manifestation of the restaurant’s name.

Jan Terje Nielsen, Director of Marketing for Kebony comments: “Onda is a very exciting addition to Oslo’s popular marina. We are delighted that Alliance Architects and MAPT chose Kebony’s innovative cladding product to envelop the magnificent exterior of this high-profile restaurant, not only making an important environmental stance but one based on both aesthetics and practicality.”

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