by Elena 25 November 2011
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    officeTwelve and Oliver Bonas have been working in partnership to create a new look to its retail offering.

    Cabots Circus represents the first of a new store roll out taking the brand away from its London roots and into key cities nationwide. The challenge for officeTwelve was to retain the smaller boutique feel, which represents the charm of Oliver Bonas and is typical of his current stores, and inject this into the much larger retail footprint in Bristol.

    The 130.5sqm store embodies the brand ethos through bespoke merchandising opportunities designed to house the eclectic mix of fashion and lifestyle product offered by Oliver Bonas. Upon entering the store, the customer is led on a journey of discovery through the introduction of ‘rooms' within the Fashion and Lifestyle brand, Oliver Bonas, opens its new concept store at Bristol's Cabots Circus on space. Full height yet lightweight in appearance, the plywood and steel structures create the perfect platform for product storytelling through varied merchandising opportunities within a defined area. They create a destination to showcase the artfully edited product mix on simple yet elegant timber tables and benches, suspended mid floor from the structure itself, as well as hanging on the surrounding stainless steel rails.

    The introduction of plywood box shelving to the perimeter not only provides more abundant and varied merchandising opportunities, but also adds warmth to the overall concept.

    The concept comprises a core palette of feminine finishes including stainless steel and grey washed timber, warmer ‘olive' stained parquet feature areas and soft grey walls. The introduction of pegboard for merchandising accessories and gift cards adds a more homely touch, whilst the brand's flirtatious nature is confidently injected into the store design through flashes of its signature yellow and butterfly displays around the cash till area, and more subtly on the store fascia.

    Oliver Bonas's love of all things literary and artful is symbolised through showcasing carefully selected quotations from famous authors, musicians and philosophers. These have been positioned strategically throughout the space onto the walls to engage the consumer in a charming and conversational manner. They are continued into the fitting room area where the soft lighting, sumptuous suede cushioned walls and quirky hooks spelling cheeky words offer a relaxing and intimate fitting experience.

    officeTwelve designed the new retail concept for Oliver Bonas to not only showcase the beautiful and varied choice of product, but to also complement whilst simultaneously showcasing the personality of the Oliver Bonas brand.

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