Meeting of XIXth and XXIst century

Extension of a 120 year old military school completed by Vikar&Lukacs Architects

by Sian 25 November 2011
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    This historic building functioned as a military school in the past was built in 1897. The original house was almost 100m long then a sport and event hall was attached to it in 1926. In 1941 and in the following decades a new wing for the kitchen and restaurant area and for further functions was joined to the main building. In this more recent alteration, the vision of practice Vikar&Lukacs Architects Studio was to demolish the attached parts and rethink the building while retaining its original form.

    According to these plans it was completed with a glass facade parallel with the length of the old building making the new floor plan to meet the requirements of modern times. The aim was to clearly divide the old and the new parts while making them integrated. On the roof level the roof structure and the roof covering were completely rebuilt. Similarly to the facade the old design remained on the park side while facing the Riadó Street a huge roof terrace/patio was made by opening the glass facade.

    The brick and stone facade of the original building was entirely renewed, both the reformed main entrance and hall kept their functions and a new entrance was opened to the Riadó Street. Either the architectural or the engineering solutions satisfy the highest demands. The plans were qualificated as the BREEAM Excellent and the building itself got three prizes of the International Property Award 2011.


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