by Rachel 25 November 2011
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    In the Book of Mencius, Gaozi first pointed out that food and sex are the two basic necessities for mankind and longing for the two is the nature of mankind. This famous saying vividly illustrates that the Chinese ancient people had been pursuing favourite food and beautiful appearance.

    Cao Xueqin, a famous novel writer in Qing Dynasty, wrote an article in his study for his good friend explaining that paying much attention to sex in youth is better that in any other stage in life and food is favoured and enjoyed especially when one is hungry, which manifests men have been longing for delicious food and attractive beauty in their unique way.

    The article was named Favourite Pavilion, and this restaurant is named after it.

    It is located within a large chain restaurant in Wuhan, China. Deriving inspiration from the ancient's people's Declaration of Food, the designers have successfully created a Chinese-style leisure atmosphere integrating both static and dynamic touches such as flowers, birds, fish and insects with the help of colours and objects. The restaurant was completed in November, 2010.



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