PTTEP Headquarters, Thailand's national petroleum exploration company, occupies eighteen floors in the recently completed ENCO building in Bangkok and consolidated the various head office functions previously spread across a number of buildings.

The competition-winning design by HASSELL created an open plan concept that dramatically encouraged knowledge transfer between the assembled parts of the organisation. This was realised by the introduction of a new internal feature stairway providing a physical and visual link between all eighteen levels of the 46,000 square metre tenancy, promoting ease of movement throughout the organisation.

Located close to each of the new stair landings are breakout and hub spaces that encourage staff interaction and promote visual connection and identity for departments. Support spaces are located in-board around the central core maximising the proximity to natural daylight for staff work space areas. An open plan approach is a significant change for PTTEP and has noticeably strengthened the culture and communication within the company.

As a petroleum subsurface exploration company, PTTEP works within the earth's structure and its layers - inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust. This ‘Layers of the Earth' analogy was overlaid across the reception and lift lobby spaces with a variety of coded materials and angular forms representing each layer of the earth, as well as gallery spaces for various drilling artefacts, models and rock sample exhibits.

The reception area forms part of the dedicated client floor complete with a variety of meeting rooms and extensive audiovisual services. This common facility enabled PTTEP to maximise the general workplace on other floors.

The colour theming for the workplace was inspired by the luminous gas flame associated with oil exploration and production. The gradation of colour in the flame informed the internal palette and gave a unique identity across the floors. This ‘Colour of Flame' concept was used as the key component to link vertical spaces, as the stair and floor group colour coding changed from green, through blue, light blue yellow and red as it rose up the building together with a vertical sculpture spanning twelve levels. At night this element is a highly visible external statement.

A separate executive suite occupying the top three floors of the building accommodates all key management facilities. Two landscaped external roof decks complete with established trees and vertical wall climbers create a lush and green environment for covered staff recreation space and corporate functions.

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