by Elena 24 November 2011
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    Previously trading as the Shadi Danin Group the client wanted to completely rebrand and remodel the business and the building.

    Inspired by Chinese medicine, the vision for the Spa was for it provide clients with a balanced blood ph, the tendancy for most people is to have acidic blood. According to Chinese medicine a neutralised blood system allows the immune system to perform more effectively. So there needed to be sense of balance and calmness that tied all aspects of brand design together from logo to the interior and exterior.

    The interior should provide comfort, peace and tranquillity whilst people are visiting. As soon as clients enter the main doors, they should find themselves in a totally different world, a stunning yet peaceful surrounding and completely shut off from the outside world.

    The Spa was to house 2 HydroCo Physio Pool tread-mills, a Taizen Japanese Hot Sand Bath, Light and colour therapy room, 5no treatment rooms, changing areas, a hair studio and retail/reception area.

    The monochrome interior was inspired by the landscape of Mt Tsurumi and surrounding peaks on the island of Kyushu in the south of Japan. The starkly beautiful winter landscape is punctuated with striking flashes of colour from the flora and fauna poking through in the spring thaw, for us this evoked a sense of purification and renewal and echoed the rebalancing that visitors to the spa are seeking.

    The building had been adapted a number of times over the years from its original use as a house, converting it into its current form required stripping all the services back and starting again. On a tight budget the firm had to be sure that flashes of colour and detail were retained. These crop up on the sleek polished brass handles and the careful placement and selection of simple flowers in particular sun flowers.

    All chairs are typically white in colour though materially they change from room to room, this maintains the thematic nature of the interior but allows each room to have a different character.

    The reception desk is clad in dark great granite effect porcelain tiles with a white acrylic work surface, display cabinets and lockers are high gloss white lacquer with polished brash simple Samuel Heath pull handles. A large white onyx marble table sits handsomely next to the seating area in the reception by a comfortable white leather sofa.

    The floor is a grey terrazzo effect Marbo Vinyl floor which enhances the monolithic feel of the interior. Off white Farrow & Ball tones on the skirting and timber work with a slightly lighter shade of wall finish and subtle recessed LED lighting gives a soft aura to the public spaces.

    The firm acted as brand co-ordinators and brought in Unlimited Design to rework the corporate identity, the new logo is a simple line over a solid triangle. A absolute and clean graphic representation of a see-saw in prefect balance. See

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