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    HOK London has unveiled the first images of the refurbished IBM Forum London, located in the IBM building, on London's Southbank.

    Providing business and conferencing facilities for clients and partners, the IBM Forum London, comprises of a conference suite with nine spacious and flexible meeting rooms located around the building perimeter with stunning river views. Within the Forum, the Innovation Centre, a showcase area featuring a changing exhibition and audio visual displays, is arranged around a central courtyard. The combined facilities total 1,740 sq metres, providing IBM with 75% more space than the previous layout. HOK worked with German practice, Coast, and Brand consultants, GP Johnson, on the concept design of the Innovation Centre.

    Visitors arriving at the centre, move through a number of zoned displays depicting IBM's past and present before arriving at the centre, IBM's future. Within each zone, interactive demonstration units, static graphic and animated multi-media walls, showing case studies of IBM solutions and technology, stimulate conversation about the work.

    Circular lines, used throughout the centre, differentiate zones and spaces and mirror the IBM "Smarter Planet" initiative logo. The use of blue lighting throughout provides a further visual link to IBM's branding, identity and history.

    The solid surfaces within the Centre are made from LG Hi Max, a petro-chemical by product that previously would have been sent to the land fill. HOK chose the product for its sustainability credentials, its durability and its ability to be moulded into curved homogenous shapes in keeping with the circular contours used throughout the overall scheme.

    Andy Warner Lacey, Vice President, HOK said: "HOK London has a proven track record of designing genuinely innovative interior spaces. The IBM Forum London is a great example of our belief in the importance of developing a clear vision with the client at the outset of the project, covering both functional and branding issues, and remaining faithful to that vision until completion. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with IBM on transforming this unique and exciting space."

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