Gateway to the Garden City

'Garden City' development hailed as new landmark conveying fluidity between the past and present

by James 21 November 2011 Urban design
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    Inspiration for the proposed Xi'an Quijing Daming Palace Mixed-Use Project in Xi'an, China, draws from the rich history of the adjacent National Daming Palace Heritage Park dating from the Tang Dynasty, while celebrating Xi'an's current stature on the contemporary commercial stage. This coming development hailed as the city's emerging new landmark presents an exciting, modern Garden City perspective that conveys fluidity between the past and the future.

    As directed by the City of Xi'an, a primary goal of the ambitious project is to unify five individual blocks with various uses into a distinct, cohesive district. The curvilinear and concave geometry of the grand garden spaces forms one large free flowing movement that determines the exterior shape of the buildings and configuration of the main concourses. This sinuous corridor also provides easy connections between parcels, generating a lively synergy of place and ease of access throughout, especially to adjacent transit.

    Contiguous green spaces-both above and below ground-and a large, central plaza with water feature for gathering at the heart of the development-provide refreshing counterpoint to the built environment in a monsoon climate. While site constraints dictate a parking structure in a highly visible location, use of a vertical garden system results in a pleasing buffer on an otherwise intrusive element. And a vibrant, eye-catching multi-level car showroom provides an illuminated specialty destination within the development.

    Two prominent, soaring towers form a symbolic grand gateway to the district. Sleek and elegant with an ultra-clear glass system which provides strong linkages between interior and exterior public spaces and of a rotating nature seemingly ‘turned' to take in the dramatic modern and historical settings, roof top observation terraces on each tower draw visitors to view both the lively modern site below and the ancient city nearby. In all, this mixed-use development provides a visually exciting ‘Garden City' environment that reflects China's emerging contemporary urban experience.

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