The 'Green Energy' firm Envision Energy is a leading Chinese wind turbine manufacturer whose core business includes research and development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance. The Envision Energy Headquarters is located a few hours from Shanghai near the Yangtze River, in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, China.

The new 3-storey 3,000 sq m headquarters is sited directly adjacent to the assembly facility which fabricates the rotor component of their wind turbine system and programmatically supports its broad range of employees-from skilled laborers to Executive Directors. The program
includes offices, dining facilities, gallery and exhibition space and an employee recreation lounge which houses a karaoke room, theater, gym, massage room and game room.

Envision requested a headquarters that exposes all stages of their operations and celebrates the role of wind as the world's fastest growing clean alternative energy source. Therefore, the concept of wind energy and movement is key in the development of the building's massing, exterior skin and interior organisation. The mass of the building is cut into two glass volumes that slip against one another along a north / south axis.

This shear movement produces a 10-metre cantilever main entrance on the north side of the building and a roof terrace on the south side of the building. The passage of air is a significant interior sculpting agent - initiating at the main entrance, it carves a triple height atrium space that provides natural light, visually connects the inner program of the headquarters and embodies Envision's brand.

The perforated metallic exterior skin is a solar veil derived from an airfoil diagram which translates to the building's sectional quality. Both sections of the bisected exterior skin flow around a crucial design feature - the central, airfoil-shaped 'Envision Eye' which links the headquarters to the adjacent assembly facility. This connection relates the two buildings to one another without compromising their distinct identities and functions.

Through carefully calibrated circulation, the headquarters curates Envision Energy's products and mission and gives a clear narrative of how wind turbine technologies drive renewable energy. Beginning
in the atrium, visitors are presented with an exhibition of Envision's products, operations, monitoring and fabrication. The tour continues through the 'Envision Eye' which contains monitors tracking
Envision's turbines globally and extends into a pedestrian bridge connecting the headquarters to the assembly facility.

The design of the new Envision Energy headquarters reveals the critical role wind power plays in converting the world to clean, renewable energy by physically and metaphorically connecting employees and visitors with this powerful natural resource.

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