A winter wonder

Hans Murman Architects builds mountain restaurant in Rami├║ndberget ski resort

by James 18 November 2011 Sport in architecture
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    This mountain restaurant in Ramundberget, Sweden lies between the lifts in Ramundberget ski resort, on a small hill where the tree line meets the mountain. The building finds its place between slow growing birch trees, brooks and rocks; a location that emphasises the building's relation to the nature, summer and winter. From this site you have a wide view over well-known mountains in Sweden. You see no other buildings from the site.

    The architects wanted a building that harmonised with the landscape's character, in shape, design and material. From a distance it is obviously visible with an inviting entrance area to the south. It is designed to work as well on a sunny day as in a vowing winter day, around the fireplaces inside. The food and drink is based on local specialities.

    The facade material is taken from the surrounding nature; birch logs stand like a huge protecting screen towards the Nordic icy winds. The architects used the same material for the restaurant, both inside and out. The round shape is natural in such an exposed situation and it lets the snow stay on the façade. It lets the cold winds pass by and offers optimal views from the inside. It opens its embrace forming a protected outdoor space where you can sit in the sun towards the white mountains. In one way it is a mini-society with its own mountain water and mini sewage treatment works. It could also have its own windmill in the future.



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