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18 Nov 2011

TFP Farrells designs new landmark for Beijing's business district

The new ‘Z15' Tower, located in the east of Beijing at the heart of the new CBD extension, will be the city's tallest building at over 500m high, becoming an icon of the city and an emblem of China's economic success.  The tower provides the focal point of a 30-hectare masterplan which will generate a thriving new district within the CBD. This masterplan includes 2,000,000 sq m of office space, six-star hotels, luxury serviced apartments and high-end retail - creating in effect a 'mini-city' which will be not just a place of work but a 24-hour living environment. The existing metro station and the new monorail transportation system are fully integrated into the masterplan, meaning that the site has excellent connectivity at both local and city-wide levels.

The 300,000 sq m tower itself includes Grade-A office space over 60 floors; 20 floors of serviced apartments, and an approximately 300-key/ 20-storey hotel, complete with state-of-the-art facilities. The tower's elegant vertical curve will assist in maximising floor area at the top and provide structural stability at the tower's base. The outward curve at the top of the tower brings to mind the floating kongming lanterns released at major Chinese festivals, whilst the overall form of the building takes inspiration from the hourglass shape of ancient Chinese zun wine vessels.

The site for the tower is located in the centre of a green spine of open space running through the CBD extension. Responding to this concept, the tower's ground floor atrium is a public space, allowing pedestrian thoroughfare and public enjoyment of the building. In addition, the curved corners of the tower soften its shape to assist with pedestrian flow around the tower, whilst also reducing the wind load.

Z15 utilises the latest sustainable technology to tackle the demands of Beijing's extreme seasonal changes, including ground source heat pumps and heat recovery systems. The design also sets ambitious targets for reducing water consumption by recycling grey water and collecting rainwater, and employs sustainable waste management systems.

The Z15 tower is set to become a new international icon of Beijing, symbolising the city's prosperity and growth. It will also drive the creation of a sustainable mixed-use district within the CBD, which will be full of life and have a strong sense of place.

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