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APLAN completes business facility with views of the Alps

by James 16 November 2011
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    Following a design competition at the end of 2006, the investor MABRA Engineering entrusted the winning entrant, Darko Lečnik, with the planning of the project, who along with his team APLAN began drawing up projects for Dunajski Kristali.

    The business and residential complex is located in the most attractive location for business and residential activity in the city. The crossroads of the city entrance road Dunajska and city ring road provides the best possible connection to all directions leading in and out of the city.

    The design of the buildings comprises spaces between the objects in the direction of the Sava River. It follows the principle of a proper urban network, installed to take advantage of the quality views for all housing facilities, as well as the business section of the newly constructed area.

    Parallel cubes comprising business storeys are located above the ground floor along the service road, continuing the pattern of the southern bypass buildings planning scheme and at the same time defining further residential expansion to the north. The planning growth principle for the northern side of the city has thereby been transferred to the other side of the bypass, representing continuity and, at the same time, the end of the city.

    The views are envisaged to the north while the south, east and west sides are shaded. The shutter lines over the glazing form a metal web, allowing the sun on winter days to penetrate the glazing and offer additional heating through active solar power. In summer, when the angle of the sun is higher, the glass surface is protected against the strong sun with the same metal web in order to prevent overheating.

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