The ideas factory

16 Nov 2011

A new approach to office design from Torchia Associates, Inc.

Don't tell the Unions, but there is a factory on the 11th floor of a downtown Chicago high-rise. Digitas is this factory. But what they make are ideas. 

The challenge of this global digital ad agency was to create space that promoted their culture of combining technology and creativity. The space had to embody collaboration, experimentation and innovation. It needed to be a 'Warehouse of Ideas', a factory producing creativity. A warehouse that was also distinctly Chicago. This concept became the metaphor for Digitas.

As widgets are sent around a factory for assembly, so are ideas in Digitas. The office is planned for informal gathering and impromptu brainstorming. Spaces are multi-functional, blurring the barriers between work and play and inspire unconventional thinking. Technology is woven into the design through wireless connectivity, presentation areas and a/v editing suites.

The aesthetic of materials salvaged from Chicago factories and warehouses completes the metaphor and loosens the image of a traditional office. Wooden pallets become walls, urban graffiti accents the space, the lunchroom is fabricated from a shipping container, wooden wire spools are tables, furniture is made from turn-of-the-century barn wood and repurposed warehouse windows create interior light wells.

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