Out of the ordinary concepts

15 Nov 2011

A circular complex from Kalarch INC provides leisure and recreational facilities for residents in an urban district of Shanghai.

Zhangpu Aquatic Center, commissioned by the Kunshan Municipal Government, is a sport complex that contains three different swimming areas, two heated swimming pools for training and competition and one outdoor swimming pool for the recreation purposes. The structure is solved with reinforced concrete and steel trusses, the facade is designed with U-profiled glass panels that acts as good thermal insulation and create a soft, light and wavy skin.

The Zhangpu Aquatic Center is a building out of the ordinary from KDG. The firm thinks that the contrast between the envelope and the content, between the organic shape and the straight form, is the best way to give a tribute to the water. In order to emphasise the importance of the water and its influence over the design, the building is not a simple cylinder; the different floors are displaced in each level, not keeping the vertical line of façade, and this movement creates outdoor spaces around the building and suggests the flow of the water.

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