13 Nov 2011

The apartment,designed for a lawyer, has an office and a meeting room. Two guest rooms are provided with a separated bathroom and a lavatory. There is a formal living space, a casual living space with a dining area and a bar, and a multi-use space next to the formal living space.

The centre area of the apartment acts as a screen that divides the private space and the public space. The partition wall is constructed with plastic boxes and metal panels. The size of the box (the area of the square) changes its size within a continuous smooth curve line, and it determines the length (thickness of the partition wall) of the boxes. As the area of the square gets smaller the thickness gets thinner. The other walls that are not treated as a partition wall take the pattern of a horizontal band. Some part of the horizontal band extrudes out from a wall and can be used as a seating and lighting, and in the bed rooms it act as an integrated bed and a seating. The bands that are being set back can be used as a shelf.

Architect and studio professor Sanksshep Mahendra described the project as aiming ‘to integrate the walls as a furniture element rather than being just walls. Takao Watanabe's project is intriguing with respect to his design sensibility and punctuation of volume'.

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