by Rachel 11 November 2011
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    Films are composed by images that are made up of tiny pixels in a continuous and moving manner.

    A pixel is square in shape and the basic element of images. The designer of this movie centre explores the relationship of movement and pixels to become the theme of this design. Thus, the audience can easily enjoy and immerse themselves into the world of movies complementing the magical elements of pixels.

    At the entrance, the concession counter and the leisure area are built out of boxes in different heights whixh serve as cashier counters, food display cabinet, serving counter, seats and tables. While satisfying the functional usage, these boxes as well as the tables have LCD TVs underneath the glass tops showing trailers to draw people to the world of film and act as a warm-up to the show.

    Beyond these two areas, the feature display wall is decorated with a tremendous amount of square strips protruding from the wall, presenting the  brand name of the cinema, PIXEL BOX. These strips also form the seating and tables, it is another relaxing area for the customers. It suddenly reminds us all the digital elements around our living environment. Inside this cinema, everyone can enjoy the great atmosphere of the digital world generated by the cohesion of all pixel elements.

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