by Elena 11 November 2011
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    The clients wanted a space which is perfect for work and relaxing. Upon understanding the request, the designer used white cream colour palette, paring with detailed furnishings to create a sophisticated and elegant multifunctional space.

    The spacious living room connected to the dining room features sunlit filled beige maple veneer walls reflecting warmly across marble floors of the same colour tone, to help bringing harmony and purity to the atmosphere. The light grey carpet serves as a stage to the Giorgetti sofa and a light brown tea table, together with the unique Penta and Tom Dixon lamp, the room is filled with a joyous warmth and serenity. The Giorgetti armchair and tea table at the corner allow the householder to reflect on the tranquility of the moment.Suspended from above, the style of the living room is further extended by the light brown rectangular dining table, while the warm maple wood wall act as a glowing, stylish and carefree backdrop.

    The study area is well connected with the living room with a glass partition; residents will be able to feel the warmth of light streaming in from the living room while enjoying the tranquil working area. The master suite next to the study features light grey textured walls and velvet decorated with maple veneer frames, together with a white Giorgetti master bed, light brown wooden bedside cabinet, elegant warm grey and light brown colour tone furniture, demonstrating a sense of delicacy, stylishness and extravagance of the client. The brown Giorgetti velvet armchair next to the bed adds a homey touch to the room with its accessible modernity.

    The designer successfully adds a nurturing and carefree feeling to this elegant space, presenting an inviting home which is perfect for living and working for the owners.

    Hong Kong

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